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ALDBN001LP - DEVA - Musicaptura 2.0 - 2LP - 2015 

The first LP of Deva, a rapper, producer, dj from Calabria, south Italy. This album is a very full immersion in a dark journey into a mixture of music. It's half avantguarde rap and half trip hop, with a lot of scratch. 
Deva printed a limited edition of the cd in 300 copies with a poster. Aldebaran has decided to promote this record as the first official release of the label. 
In collaborations we found names like Ice One (Colle Der Fomento, La Comitiva, DJ Sensei), DJ Myke (Men In Skratch, The Reverse, Rancore & DJ Myke), DJ Argento & DJ Danko (Dusty Vinyl Junkies), Gome Zeta, Dramatic Vitro, SilMizu, Marlon Bardo, Massimo Aresu. 
This is a limited edition of 100 copies, hand-numbered, with a calligraphic labels, a purple variant gatefold cover, now sold out.

ALDBN000DG - AAVV - The Megablackmix One (Mixed by Deva) - Digital - 2015
Digital release to supporting crowdfunding campagin of "Alla Corte De Lo Governatore".

ALDBN002LP - C.U.B.A. CABBAL - Alla Corte De Lo Governatore - 2LP - 2015It's the first LP of C.U.B.A. Cabbal, rapper from Abruzzo, south Italy. This album is a must of the italian rap; in a deep journey into a medieval atmosphere. 

This album is produced by C.U.B.A. with Alex Grani, with some great productions of the hystorical name Lou X, and some appearances of DJ Dsastro, Eko, DJ Sonico, Enrico Mantini, Lou X ecc. 
For the second release of Aldebaran, in collaborations with Costa Nostra, we've decided to press this record, originally released in 2001, in first time on wax. 
This is a limited edition of 200 copies, with a variant cover. 
"CN come cianuro per le merde".

ALDBN003DG - DEVA - 21 Para Siempre (Primo Brown Tribute) ‎- Digital - 2015

"A little tribute to a legend. I hope that you can listen it. Rest in peace, Davi". - D

ALDBN004LP - DEVA - Musicaptura 2.0 - Strumentali ‎- 2LP - 2016

The first LP of Deva, instrumentals version. Only one copy printed, on clear heavy-weight wax. It will be release 5 promo copies with sticker, stamp and numeration.

ALDBN000DG - DEVA/DJ STILE The 7 Inch Series Vol. I - 7" - 2016

Limited edition of 150 copies. Contains an insert with all credits.
Side A is 45 rpm (for the stems track, the A2, in 33rpm it have the correct tonality for scratch). Side B is 33 rpm.


This series aims to be a new way to spread hidden music that this label gives voice. The idea is to print split singles, an artist/group to side, in the best format for this: the 7 inch. As Aldebaran, we propose scratch music, trip hop, vanguard rap, dub, dark & future jazz and more. Each release will have a colored vinyl, while the cover, strictly handmande with the collaboration of "Craft Room by Scarlett", will help to make our product really handicraft. all this, as a real promo wax, will be stamped and hand numbered. 
© & ® Aldebaran records - 2016
In Loving Memory of David "Primo Brown" Belardi.